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Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Goat/Lamb Rogan Josh $18.00 each
Succulent pieces of goat on the bone cooked in rich cardamom sauce, using tomatoes and rattan jog.

Ahd - E - Mughal $19.00 each
Lamb delicacy made with aromatic Kashmiri masala, yogurt and saffron dedicated to the Mughal Emperors.

Ghost Bukhara $20.00 each
Tender cuts of lamb cooked with apricot, fresh ginger, ground spices and herbs.

Dhansak $20.00 each
Lamb, vegetables and lentil curry flavored with star anise and fenugreek.

Subz Gosht $19.00 each
Lamb and green vegetable preparation, seasoned with lemon chutney.

Goat/Lamb Madras $18.00 each
Succulent pieces of goat on the bone cooked in madras curry spices flavored with fresh curry leaves.

Lamb Vindaloo $19.00 each
Spicy lamb cooked with potatoes and hot aromatic spices.

Keema Mutter $19.00 each
Minced lamb ginger garlic, selected herbs and mouth-watering spices.

Boti Kebab Masala $20.00 each
Lamb tikka immersed in a spiced creamy sauce.

Lamb Korma $20.00 each
Lamb cooked in almond and cashew sauce flavored with saffron.